Seminars at the 2010 Nashville Amp Expo:


Tube Shoot Out

Jeff West has been interested in vintage tubes since he first examined the original Bugle Boys in his brown Super 30+ years ago, and began scrounging Mullards from cast-off Eicos, Bogens, and Heaths. Over the years he has pursued this interest, has accumulated many vintage British, Dutch, German, Japanese, American and other tube specimens of potential desire for guitar amp lovers, and has collected vintage literature relevant to these classics. He has also been fortunate to have been in communication in recent years with a few of the remaining individuals who were directly involved in manufacture and tech support at famous tube production facilities such as Eindhoven, Hammersmith, Blackburn and Heerlen.
Jeff plans to bring along some vintage U.S. and W. Euro power tubes with his '68 plexi Super PA, to enable participants to experience and compare different flavors such as GEC KT66 and KT88, Mullard EL34 and EL37, RCA BP 6L6GC, and/or Tung-Sol BP 6550, played sequentially by Tommy Hatcher within the same amp. He and Tommy invite interested players to come by and join the fun.