Seminars at the 2010 Nashville Amp Expo:


Tube Amp Technology & Guitar Techniques

Join the enigmatic and sometimes eccentric Phil Bradbury of Little Walter Tube Amplifiers and his endorsee / demonstrator Robbie Calvo for an hour of entertainment and practical information on tube amp technology and essential guitar techniques. Robbie will demonstrate the unique Little Walter RC 30/30 stereo amp head to a variety of stylistic backing tracks and then talk about his playing approach giving tips and ideas taken from his new Truefire Instructional DVD called “Sweetnotes”. Phil will be talking about tube varieties, wiring, effects routing and his approach to creating pure tone through the art of octal tube technology.

Phil’s passionate approach to life and his wealth of knowledge on tube amplification captivates audiences everywhere he goes. Invaluable tips, information and ‘Phil’osophies are always accompanied by colorful stories and hilarious ‘one liners’.

Robbie’s fluid and precise approach to harmonic structure, improvisation & guitar tuition is guaranteed to inspire and evoke several ‘aha!’ moments from the beginner to seasoned professional.

Each seminar will culminate with a question and answer forum. Prize Drawings daily for ticket holders.