Seminars at the 2010 Nashville Amp Expo:

Master Luthier Seminar

This class is a lecture and informational introduction into the dying art of "Old World Luthierie". A technique that is rarely used anymore of building instruments by hand, with minimal or no power tools to aide in the process. Manuel A. Delgado will discuss his process and family history that dates back to 1928 when the business was founded. This is a great class for any art lover, musician, or someone searching for inspiration to pursue their passion or dream. Manuel mixes the life lessons taught to him by his father and grandfather to explain his building process and many who have participated in past seminars have been inspired in their career of choice.

Third generation Luthier, Manuel A. Delgado builds all instruments by hand and has had an impressive client list through the years, as well as being invited to be a part of two separate exhibits an the Smithsonian Institute.

Delgado Guitars is a family business started in 1928 by Manuel’s grandfather and passed down through his father, Candelario Delgado. Find out more about the passion and art that is placed into each Delgado Guitar.
"I hear the title "Luthier" being used all the time by today's guitar makers, yet I wonder how many of them truly understand its meaning.

For me, it not only represents my life, but the sacrifices my grandfather and father made to preserve the craft. I build guitars because I breath, and as long as God blesses me with the ability to continue creating music, this is what I plan to do.  My faith in God and my appreciation of my father, grandfather, and great-uncle are what motivate me, the loved ones who are still with me are what inspire me, but the integrity of building truly handmade instruments to offer to those who have a love for music is what obligates me to my craft.
I am a Luthier.  I don't say that boasting or out of pride, but more out of respect.  Respect for those men who honored the craft before me and the few men and women that still honor it today." 
  --Manuel A. Delgado