Seminars at the 2010 Nashville Amp Expo:


Marshall vs Boutique

Tommy Hatcher has always lived, breathed, and rocked Marshall's since he was a young lad living down in Augusta, Ga because all his heroes used them! Seeing Hendrix perform at a very young age left the indelible 100 watt "Wall-O-Doom" in his brain and he spent his entire life collecting and using these fine, vintage rigs. He brings out all his big guns for the 2nd annual Marshall vs. Boutique seminar this year where some of the finest sounding vintage versions will be heard next to their cloned counterparts. Be ready for this tone fest of brown sound because no attenuators will be used and all amps will cranked to "11" for maximum, tonal impact! All the classic hard rock sounds of our heroes from the past will be represented so if you love to hear what great vintage British tone is all about then please plan to attend this full bore demonstration!