Seminars at the 2010 Nashville Amp Expo:

Guitar Recording Master Class with Michael Wagener



The Nashville Amp Expo is proud to offer this once in a lifetime opportunity for you to learn from one of the true Grand Masters of recorded guitar tone. See first hand how to track the best guitar and bass sounds possible as Michael takes you through the entire process….from guitar and amp selection, mic placement, track preparation, DI splitting, and right on to the final mix. Here is your opportunity to ask the man himself any questions you may have, hear some “war stories”, and much more. Actual tracks will be recorded and re-amplified using some of the top equipment available…..observe first hand what Michael actually uses in his legendary Wire World Studio….see where to really place that mic (and what kind)…. inquire about his choice of particular pieces of gear, and more importantly why.

37+ years….100 million records with his name on them as engineer / producer….Ozzy, Alice, Metallica, Skid Row, Dokken, Lynch, Motley, Janet J, Stryper, Extreme, and on and on the list goes. Don’t miss this very special event…seating is limited so line up early!