3rd Power Amplification

The 3RD POWER line of amplification solutions offer distinguished, high-resolution amplification products utilizing proprietary, patent-pending technology and hand-wired tube circuitry so you can be sure your musical expression will be delivered with warmth, depth and refined character. Free from IC chips and diodes in critical audio signal paths (possible sources of harsh distortion and oddorder harmonics), 3RD POWER amplifiers offer the ultimate tone and expression for recording and performing guitarists – all at reasonable prices. Systems are scalable so no matter what environment youʼre performing in, thereʼs a 3RD POWER amplifier designed for you.

Acme Guitars

At Acme Guitars we service and sell a wide rage of Vintage and used Guitars and amps. We service every amp we sell back to factory specs.

Ark Amps

Ark Amps was officially launched in the fall of 2005 by Matt Schellenberg (CEO and main artist/wood worker) and Bill Compeau (co-designer of cabs and circuits as well as marketing) with only one flagship model in our line: The Model A which was designed over the better part of a decade.
In early 2008 Ark Amps started working together with the very gifted amp designer/builder Randy Fay of Phaez Amps in Windsor Ontario and have since released 5 new models with a 6th (The Model T) on the way as well as our first custom bass amp.
Ark is hoping to release some of our long awaited and very unique guitar designs in the very near future.


James Brown, previously amp engineer for Peavey and currently at Kustom, started Amptweaker handmade amp and pedal company as a way to interact directly with consumers to create products that they actually want.  Product ideas are solicited on the website, and the first resulting products are the TightDrive overdrive pedal, and a modded version for bass, the Bass TightDrive pedal.  By the time this event is held, there 'may' be some other surprises.

Big Orange Guitar

 We are Central Florida’s largest vintage guitar dealer.

Blues City Music

 Blues City Music is a small boutique guitar, amp, and effects shop located in Memphis, Tennessee, the home of Elvis Presley and Delta Blues.  We have a very large online presence, but also operate our storefront out of
Leeway Music, which is a working recording studio in the heart of the city. We are the world's largest Soldano amplifier dealer, but also stock products by Splawn, Diamond, and 65 Amps, with Solid Cables being our only
high end guitar cable.  On occasions, we sell other guitars and amps but only if in pristine condition.  Blues City is all about tone, but YOUR tone is what matters.  You can contact Blues City Music via the web at www.bluescitymusic.com, www.myspace.com/bluescitymusic, Twitter at BluesCityMusic, or at 901-485-8250.

Bluesman Vintage

 Bluesman Vintage Guitars is a Full service custom shop that specializes in Vintage clones, and restorations.  We strive to build high quality/Low cost dependable instruments  with the touring musician in mind.  We spend hours studying,measuring, and researching original guitars  to help  improve the look and feel of  OUR guitars.

We offer Two Guitar lines that cover a wide array of options TRUE VINTAGE and VINTAGE CUSTOM.  

TRUE VINTAGE models are faithful reproductions of classic designs the way LEO designed them.  We take EVERYTHING into account here in order to remain "era correct" even down to what month the "blackguard" changed  form slot head to philips head screws, and which screws changed FIRST!

VINTAGE CUSTOM models offer the option of taking any model guitar we build and "adding" your own design.  This could include things like custom mixed colors, adding humbucker pickups, or even swapping specs around from different years. i.e.  If you wanted a  butterscotch T-Style with a large headstock rosewood S-style neck  and a humbucker in the bridge position.  That would definitely be a VINTAGE CUSTOM! So let your mind wander a bit and see what you come up with.


Importer and Distributor of European Guitar Electronics
Exclusive USA Distributor of Audio Kitchen amps and Cornell Amps and pedals.

Channing Amplifiers

 Guitarist Jeff Beck put Channing amplifiers on the map in 2009 when he toured the U.S. and Europe with his Channing CL45 amps.   In addition to the CL45, Channing Amplifiers offers several models based on classic amplifier designs.

Channing Amplifiers is based in Los Angeles, California.  For more information, call 310-494-0464 or visit www.channingamps.com.


 As with many businesses, this started as a hobby and grew into an infinite passion for soulful tone.

Our team at ChromeDomeAudio has an average of over 25 years experience in appreciating, understanding and engineering high end, quality sound equipment. 

Creation Audio Labs

Creation Audio Labs was founded in 2003 as a full service pro-audio repair center, specializing in large frame console refurbishment, and the modification and restoration of high-end professional audio equipment. Creation Audio Labs also specializes in the development of guitar effects and related gear for discerning players who can “hear the difference.”

Creation Audio Labs’ team of audio engineering professionals are considered some of the finest in their fields. Each one brings a distinct approach to pro audio and design that allows Creation Audio Labs to achieve superior technical specifications in all of its products. In essence, Creation Audio Labs is directly responsible for bringing the world of pro audio sound quality and signal preservation to the guitar and bass gear marketplace, consistently setting new standards for audio transparency, clarity, and tone preservation.

Cusack Music

My goal for Cusack Effects is to bring you great sounding audio equipment.  Many people will tell you what is needed for good tone without any real support for such claims.  I started Cusack Effects because as an Electrical Engineer searching for the right tone, I became irritated by false claims about what makes good tone. I use my expertise to filter out the junk and make quality products. That’s why “Reality in Tone” is my slogan. I am going to bring you what is REALLY needed for good tone.

D. Allen Pickups

D. Allen Custom Shop (CS) pickups have been artfully crafted to “BRING TONE TO LIFE” using the finest quality materials available today to bring you the quality you deserve.
David Allen has spent 100's of hours working with musicians, Custom Guitar Builders, Luthiers, and music enthusiast to find out what they like and what they are looking for in tone from their pickups. From this research he has wound pickups to represent what is missing in the market today. He also had a passion to bring Custom Shop hand built pickups at a more affordable price point. This created the founding of D. Allen Pickups.

Delgado Guitars

 Manuel Delgado is a third-generation luthier from Los Angeles, living and working in Nashville. Trained by his father and grandfather and a family business started in 1928, Delgado learned traditional techniques for building stringed instruments that pre-date automated systems and even electricity. He and his family have made instruments for Los Lobos, Ozomatli, Andrés Segovia, Arlo Guthrie, Jackson Browne, Paul Young, Peter Fonda, Rade Serbedzija, Charo, José Feliciano, songwriter Kerry Kurt Phillips and dozens of other artists from all genres of music as well as movies like “The Three Amigos” and “Once upon a Time in Mexico”. Featured in “Esquire”, “The Fretboard Journal”, “Acoustic Guitar” and many other magazines and television programs like “Reading Rainbow”, “Visiting with Huell Houser”, “Tennessee Crossroads”. Currently in a “Bose” commercial and also has been in a “Hartford Insurance” commercial, plus two separate exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution. Manuel has been involved in guitar construction since he was seven years old and has a waiting list for his instruments.

Diffusion Audio Inc.

Diffusion Audio Inc is the US and Canadian distributor for the Two-Notes Torpedo line of Speaker/ Micing simulators

EAST Amplification

EAST Amplification is the newest offering from renowned, innovative amp designer Jeff Bober. 

Circa the mid 1980’s, Jeff Bober began his career repairing and modifying tube guitar amplifiers for local, regional and national artists. Honing his craft in this very specialized field year after year under the company name of Precision Audio Tailoring, he had the opportunity to work with some very notable performers. “Probably my biggest thrill at that time was to be able to build some gear for Stevie Ray Vaughan. He was very happy with the amplifier and cabinets that I had designed and built for him, and wanted me to build another amplifier, but unfortunately his life was cut far too short.”

In the mid 90’s, he began producing a small combo amp for a Washington DC based company, which was called the Fenton Basic 110. That amp piqued the interest of his soon-to-be business partner, Scot Sier, and in 1995 a new company, Budda Amplification, was born. In a time when most companies were offering their models in the ubiquitous 50 and 100 watt ranges, Jeff’s initial offering with this new company was a little 18 watt fire breather known as the Twinmaster. Not designed to be a clone or copy of any other amplifier, this instrument had a voice and a feel all its own. The merits of this low powered amp would be questioned by many, but soon players worldwide would find virtue in being able to “open up” a lower powered amp, enabling the output tubes to become an integral part of the tone generating process. And so the low wattage amp revolution was born! Since that time, Jeff has been designing and producing some of the most respected amplifiers in the business under the name Budda Amplification. 

Since his departure from Budda in late 2009, Jeff has launched his new company, EAST Amplification and is designing amplifiers that he considers to be the natural progression in product design from his previous brand. Different yet similar, these amps also have a voice of their own while retaining the same feel and touch sensitive response that made his previous designs so revered by all levels of players. His first offering, the Studio2, is a full featured, huge sounding, versatile 2 watt recording and small venue masterpiece, which is once again firmly cementing his position as “The Godfather of the low wattage amp revolution”. 

Enjoy your trip EAST.

Electroplex Amplifiers

Electroplex Amplifiers has been building its Rocket line of premium all-tube guitar amplifiers since 1994. Electroplex Rocket Amplifiers have become known for their creamy clean and overdrive tones and their punchy response. Their versatile tone range and surprising touch response make the Rockets truly "players amps".

Fine Tune Guitars

"Fine Tune Guitars" are custom built Electric Guitars & Basses from Columbia, Tennessee. Our guitars are built "one-at-a-time", featuring hand-polished Nitro Cellulose Lacquer finishes, hand made bone nuts, and top-of-the-line components. Our goal is to custom-build the guitar of your dreams! YOU choose the things that you would desire in a guitar, including pickups, tuners, switching options and string guage, or anything else YOU desire. Expertly set-up and intonated for maximum playability. We have several guitars already built and for sale, or let us build one for YOU!!!! Our new shop will be ready soon, and will feature a brand new OSHA and NFSI approved spray booth, and we plan to introduce a new line of custom guitars that are going to be really cool!!! Stop by and play one at the show!

FluxTone Speakers

The overtones created by overdriving a tube amp are desirable to many artists.  Preserving those tones while reducing the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) of the amp has escaped engineers for 50 years.  We at FluxTone have patented VES (Variable Efficiency Speaker), which allows you to enjoy a 25 Db reduction in SPL without killing your tone.  That's right!  Lower volume without a tone change!!

Fuchs Audio Technology

 Located just 12 miles from Manhattan, Fuchs Audio Technology has established itself as a highly respected voice in handcrafted tube boutique guitar amplification. Our product line has grown from a single amp model to a full line of amplifiers which includes models from 7 through 150 watts and from one to three channels. All Fuchs amplifiers employ innovative construction and circuit designs for unmatched tone and response. Our amps have received many awards including Guitar Player Magazine’s Editors Pick, Guitar World Magazine’s Hot Pic’s,  as well as glowing reviews from international gear magazines. 

Three years ago, Fuchs boldly entered the boutique pedal marketplace with its “Plush FX Pedal ” branded line. What started out as just two distortion/overdrive pedals, has grown to 15 pedals. The line includes: 2-gain boosts, 5 overdrives, one solid state and two tube digital delays, a Brownface tremolo, a studio grade compressor and tube effect loops with and without reverb. Our pedals have been chosen as Editors Picks in many of the leading gear magazines, such as Guitar World, Guitar Player as well as winning a Premier Guitar Gear award for the “Good Verbrations” pedal.

Fuchs’ roster of endorsers and service/modification customers includes artists in covering many genres from rock, jazz, blues, fusion, jam bands, and radio and TV recording artists: Jimmy Herring (Widespread Panic), Luther Dickinson (Black Crowes/North Mississippi Allstars), Rick Nielson (Cheap Trick), The Ramones (RIP), Robert Randolph, George Benson, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Devon Allman, Al DiMeola, Mike Wilton Joe Bonamassa, Troy Mclawhorn (Seether), Nick Catanese (BLS/SpeedX), Paul Jackson Jr. (American Idol and the Tonite Show w/Jay Leno), Jeff Golub, Dweezil Zappa, Chicago, Mark Karan (Rat Dog), Kenny Wayne Shepherd, My Chemical Romance, Bernie Williams, Moe, The Police, many, many others.

George L's

Our cables have been honored by every major publication in the music industry and continues to win numerous awards.  We are grateful to the world’s top musicians and studios for using George L's products.

NOW you can have that CLEAN CLEAR SOUND that you  have heard on countless recordings.

Regardless of  style, genre, instrument or equipment GEORGE L’s  delivers the clarity you
have been craving.

GEORGE L's  offer a wide range of products for the discerning  musician:

* guitar cable
* speaker cable
* patch cable
* instrument cable
* cable checkers/cable accessories
* full line of guitar strings
* acoustic guitar pick-up
* steel guitar accessories

Goodsell Amps

"I build a no-BS amp that is simple, clean, unpretentious, easy to use, and rewarding to play. " - Richard Goodsell.

Guitar Mill

We're just a small custom shop offering American Made custom built to spec guitars, nitro finishing, replacement bodies and necks and relicing services. We also take in finish work from other builders.

HipKitty Products

In an effort to bring the purest, sweetest, but meanest tones to the world, HipKitty Products has been serving the musical community since 1987. With it's committment to top quality, unique products and real customer service, HipKitty Products continues to provide hand-crafted and hand-painted pedals to musicians everywhere. Each pedal is finished to provide it to be a one of a kind...no two pedals are exactly the same (even the knob colors can be different).

Component boards in the pedals are hand etched, populated and soldered by us at HipKitty Products. The component boards in our amplifiers are hand populated, soldered and wired in-house as well. Each unit, be it pedal or amplifier, is constructed from start to finish in-house, with the only exception being the amplifier cabinets, which are hand constructed by Lions Den Custom Cabinets. A personal touch is applied to each pedal and amplifier that can rarely be found in today's day and age.

Industrial Amps

I started playing the guitar in 1953. I was 7 years old . When I was 15 I joined my brothers band playing rhythm guitar and singing . Playing out in large halls created my deep desire to know more about amplification. What was it that actually made the different sounds(highs, mids, and lows) and volume and how can I cause some effect on these things? I was always striving to create a better/different sound.

When reverb came on the scene I purchased an Ampeg Gemini II with 15 inch Jensen speaker. It sounded very good by itself, but I wanted to spread out the sound. I acquired a used 12 inch speaker in a homemade 3/4 inch plywood box free from my uncle Karl. I wired it in parallel using a 1/4 inch jack in the side panel on both the amp and speaker cabinet. WOW! what a sound now for both voice and guitar; it brought out a better combination of mid-ranges , and highs, yet the lows were still there, simply heavenly and I could distribute the sound better as well.

I left IBM in September of 2004 and moved to Florida. There I met a guy who repaired guitars/bass/audio amplifiers out of his garage. He had come up with an amplifier circuit that sounded almost exactly like the modified Gemini II circuit I once had . Now it so happened that he was looking for a partner to invest and help build and develop the amps. I thought, now I have a chance to actually design and build an amp like the one I use to have plus more. So I decided to work along with him to develop amps . We worked and worked on the sound and the cabinets for about a year. Finally the amps were ready . In our line up was the Overdrive 15 watt (Gain and Master Volume type that rocks with sound that one can not believe it is only 15 watts) , Crunch 15 watt gets gain the old fashion way by increasing the Level control which gets loud distortion), Blues 60 watt(2 channel clean with reverb and Heavy channel which renders pure rock radical distortion) and also the Rock 120 watt (2 channel clean with reverb and a Heavy channel for sound/tone you can feel that rock intensive power ).

Industrial Amps has been in existence about 4 1/2 years and will continue on making/developing amplifiers with only the best military grade / bullet proof components to accomplish its pure unique tone you can feel that makes a guitar player feel good about the sound of his talent.


CE Distribution is the exclusive U.S. importer of Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers.

We are a premier distributor for JJ/Tesla, Winged C, Groove Tubes, Valve Art and Svetlana vacuum tubes and we have access to the largest supply of New-Old-Stock vacuum tubes in the world. In addition, we offer a vast line of hard-to-find parts for all your needs. If you don't see what you need, contact us, we may be able to get it for you.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service, product availability, fast delivery, fair pricing and honest ethical business practices. We are confident that these qualities will benefit you as our customer.

Jimmy Wallace Guitars

His first taste of success was on the high-school band compilation A New Hi, an album that enjoys collectible status these days because it also marks the first recording for Wallace and his friend and fellow Oak Cliff native Stevie Ray Vaughan. "I went to Carter, Stevie went to Kimball with Rocky Athas, Mike McCullough and Shawn Ferris' brother Scott. We all used to play the sock hop at my church, Glen Oaks Methodist, on Friday nights."

They, along with Sean Meador and Danny Sanchez, rehearsed in garages across the alley from each other, played a gig called called "Candies Flair" at the National Guard Armory, and at the Twilight Roller Rink and the Studio Club. There was a contest to be on a compilation album of Dallas High School rock bands. Vaughan and Mike McCullough were in the band picked from Kimball High. Blues guitarist, writer, and producer Floyd "Butch" Boner was in the band from South Oak Cliff High. Wallace's band, The Mint, was the band chosen the represent Carter. The resulting album was called A New Hi. "It was the first time any of us had been recorded in a professional studio, much less released," Wallace said.

"My son was on the Internet not too long ago and found all these European releases of garage band albums we were on - go figure." The singer in Vaughan's band was character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. "He was the insurance salesman in Groundhog Day and the computer Nerd in the Robert Redford movie, Sneakers. Just a fun note of trivia," Wallace added.

After high school, Wallace and his band Lynx made quite a name for itself touring in the '70s with some of the hottest acts of the day, such as Styx and Kansas. Even then Wallace had an understanding of the nature of the music business and presence of mind to look ahead and have something else going on with which he could earn an income if the day ever came that he wasn't playing for a living. He and a friend partnered to buy a rehearsal space and rent out what he didn't need to other artists, including a pre-Branch Davidian David Koresh.

Wallace also worked at Arnold & Morgan Music during the day, which gave him the opportunity to meet Eddie Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Joe Walsh, Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick, Vivian Campbell, and Lee Roy Parnell.

While working for Arnold & Morgan, he was vexed by the lack of new models based on older styles of guitars. So he made a trip to the Gibson Guitar factory with a couple of his favorites in tow, a 1959 Les Paul and an ES-335. A Gibson designer used Wallace's guitars as templates for a new model, and honored him with the Jimmy Wallace Les Paul, the Holy Grail for guitarists.

Wallace joined Bugs Henderson & the Stratoblasters in the '80s. Along the way he has also performed with such legends as Todd Rundgren, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Cars, Phil Keaggy, Stephen Stills, Johnny Winter, Willie Nelson, Albert King, Gregg Allman, James Burton, and many more.

After six years of playing in two bands he decided to part ways with Bugs and took the name Stratoblasters with him. "The Stratoblasters were originally Bugs Henderson & the Stratoblasters, with Bugs, Junior Clark, and myself. When I left the band Bugs gave me permission to keep using the name, and there we went," Wallace explained.

Through the years the Stratoblasters have included singer John O'Daniel, bassists Bobby Chitwood, Randy Cates, James Anderson, and Mike Medina; and drummers Mike Arnold, Mike Gage and Mike Fialla. Guitarists have included Jerry Branch, Matt Tapp, Mike Clark, Joe Lee, and Wallace. The band has also showcased keyboardists such as Tommy Young, Shawn Ferris, and Johnny Marshall. Other subs have included Andy Timmons, Danny Sanchez, Chris Campbell, Rodney Johnson and Wilson Fisher.

Wallace, like Pollock, was also a friend of Charley Wirz and was an original participant in Wirz's Greater Southwest Guitar Show.

In 2001 Wallace sold Studio Southwest, and now devotes his energies to Sound Southwest, the Dallas Guitar Show, and occasional gigs with the Stratoblasters.

JoMama Music

 Dedication to tone & quality are our primary goals. These amplifiers were conceived and relentlessly tested in the clubs, jams, and stages of the real world by listening to musicians and then delivering what they desired.

We have been seriously building amps since 1994 when I founded my original JoMama guitar amp line. These amplifiers: the "Blues Special" & the "Kelemen - Reverb 45" were combos with a 12" & a 10" speaker. They were well received, sounded great and except for a few chassis are sold out. I have been constantly prototyping and am very active in the local blues jams and local music scene. My current amplifiers were born out of the real-world club scene where great tones are essential at realistic volumes. I listened to working musicians who also wanted an amplifier that was light-weight and produced a variety of clean and saturated tones. My current line of all tube amp heads weighs in at approximately 20 lbs and can be matched with our 2x12 cabinet or your favorite rig to produce tones with incredible texture.

If you have any questions or would like to get on our build schedule please drop us a line. I would be proud to have one of my amplifiers be a part of your musical spirit.

Kingdom Amplifiers

Kingdom Amplifiers started with a desire to create. To create tools for musicians, tone that satisfies and friendships that edify. To pursue a long carried dream of producing a product that satisfies more than just the ears, as we believe that knowing when something is right goes deeper than hearing.

To that end, we design and build unique guitar amplifiers, as well as to spec guitar racks, pedalboards, and custom audio equipment. Our shop and staff are equipped to repair all types of professional tube amplifiers and other guitar related equipment.

Nearly every design choice we make as a company stems from the fact that we feel that great tone is principally in the player and not the amplifier. Our products' versatility and advanced functionality are present only to serve the guitarist.

We love what we do and look forward to a future of fruitful relationships and products that fulfill the needs of those around us.

K-Line Guitars

 K-Line Custom Guitar builds one-of-a-kind electric guitars (primarily in the classic "F-Style" using hand selected bodies, necks and components. In addition to being great-playing instruments, K-Line Custom Guitars are aesthetically accurate in color, finish and components, and are moderately distressed to resemble worn-in (but not worn-out!) classic guitars. If you have the taste for a new look but have that worn in feeling on the neck, check out the new Time Kapsule series.
Many have missed the things that really make a guitar feel like an old friend, like rolled fret boards, modern radius, modern fretwire, and most importantly, an instrument that you can feel confident to use as a novice or a working professional.

Every guitar is built and finished  by Chris Kroenlein in his workshop in suburban St. Louis, Missouri. A craftsman who understands that building “relic style” guitars is as much an artform as a science, Kroenlein is quickly emerging as a notable custom guitar builder. The son of an auto body shop operator, Kroenlein’s lungs contain a permanent layer of paint overspray, and can distinguish brands of lacquers by smell. He maintains a reverence for classic guitars, but balances that with the opportunities to incorporate top-notch modern electronics and components and offers guitarists everywhere the opportunity to own the guitar of their dreams.

Chris Kroenlein lives in Crestwood, Missouri with his wife and twin toddlers and remains an active musician with a roots rock band in South St. Louis called Low Cycle Hum.

Krusa Guitars

Kipp's relationship with wood began in 1993 when he attended The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Townsend, Washington. There he gained a foundation of traditional woodworking skills through the craft of boatbuilding. In 1994 he attended the Timeless Instruments School of Lutherie. Realizing immediately that guitarbuilding was all but unavoidable, Kipp worked for the next few years on commercial fishing boats as he put his shop together. During this time period he developed his skill as a craftsman by studying traditional woodcarving with Chris Pye and Raymond Gonzalez, marquetry with Silas Kopf, japanese woodworking with Toshio Odate and furniture design/construction with Chris Becksvoort, Brian Boggs, Curtis Buchanan and Mike Dunbar. Kipp is deeply indebted to all of these craftsmen for helping him to develop his relationship with both wood and workmanship.

Working with Michael Millard and Andy Mueller at Froggy Bottom Guitars, Kipp deepened his understanding of the intricacies of the traditional X-braced guitar and the guitar building process. It is this traditional foundation from which his designs evolve.

Kipp has worked as a sculptor, a furnituremaker, a CNC programmer, a guitar designer, and a luthier. He has carried with him in all of these professions a pursuit of perfection, purity, and innovation. As a luthier, Kipp combines his mastery of skill with an adept and distinct talent for design.

KW Cabs

KWCabs specializes in making simply the best in guitar speaker cabinets.  All of our cabinets feature a ported design and are handmade of the highest quality hardwoods.  A speaker cabinet is much the same as an acoustic guitar, they're both ressonance chambers.  When you change the wood that the cabinet is made of you note a tonal difference.  Likewise, through experience we work with each customer to achieve as closely as possible the ideal tone of the player.  Because, after all, what's great to one is not to another, and there is no reason you should be stuck with someone else's tone!   We offer a standard line as well as custom offerings, and use virtually any hardwood and speaker combination out there. 

LA Custom

Custom guitar speaker cabinets with built in attentuator systems. Also guitars and amps.

Lakota Leathers

We manufacture the finest guitar, banjo and mandolin straps available using native Bison (American Buffalo) and Elk hides exclusively.

 After much careful research, testing and development, we know we have created the most comfortable strap you will ever wear. Whatever your instrument, we feel confident that you will find each Lakota Leathers strap second to none. The hides we select are the strongest and most supple available. 

Great looks, durability, and comfort is what you will find in each Laktoa Leathers strap. Our straps are produced on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation using a 'cottage' approach and each purchase helps give a Lakota tribal member employment. Pine Ridge is currently the poorest county in the entire United States, and unemployment rates are over 80%.

Little Walter Tube Amps

Little Walter Tube Amps is a small company in the Sand hills of North Carolina. The company specializes in hand built  amps that emphasize tone and the tactile feel of the guitarist.  We use only 8-Pin (octal) tubes at this time as to emulate the early tube amps.  We use no printed circuit boards or tag boards as to give true point-to-point construction.  Our amps have only a volume and a tone control as to minimize the signal path as we believe the shortest signal path equates to the purist tone.  Our cabinets come in Walnut, Cherry, or Maple as well as special order Sunburst finishes that are constructed here in North Carolina.  Our amps are built with pride right here in the United States.  Look for our upcoming review in Guitar Player Magazine.

Longhorn Amps

Longhorn Amps was created by an amp enthusiast who was looking for the tone SRV made famous.  Our "Texas Blues"  amps are built with a nod to the genius of Howard Dumble however they are not a clone of anything he ever built. They are built by hand, one at a time, at Big Cedar Ranch in Texas.

Mahalo Amplification

Mahalo Amplification has the sound you're looking for.  Rock, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, Acid Klesmer you name it.   It all sounds better through a Mahalo amp. 

Metropoulos Amplification

Metropoulos Amplification is dedicated to building the finest replicas of vintage Marshall amplifiers available. Discerning guitar players are using our recreations and leaving those valuable plexis at home, where they are safe. We also search out and supply restoration grade parts to builders and DIY'ers in our online store. There you can find all of the parts needed to restore classic amplifiers or build one from scratch. When NOS parts are no longer available, we have them manufactured.

Our amp kits feature accurate chassis layouts, vintage spec transformers, correct component values and step by step instructions that are second to none. No corners have been cut and the tone is world class. Compare them to other kits available and we think you'll agree.


 Cases and bags for musical instruments.

Mather Cab

We have been building speaker cabinets for amp companies and individual musicians since 1996 . We can design cabinets tailored to your specific needs and offer reproduction or custom enclosures for vintage and modern amplifiers.


ModTone Effects

ModTone Effects is a division of SHS International.  With over 20 years of being in the music business, and with players on staff from the weekend warrior to pro players, ModTone Effects are a “Players” pedal company.  Using in-house R&D as well as collaborating with some of the most sought after pedal guru’s in the industry, ModTone has quickly developed into an industry player by offering high quality effects at a price that is affordable to almost anyone.  ModTone Effects are sold in numerous music stores across the country and in over 50 countries world wide.

Naylor Engineering

Here at Naylor Engineering, we have combined years of research and development with the best qualities of the most revered vintage amps in order to create distinctly Naylor designs.  These designs represent the pinnacle of handcrafted American quality, timeless styling, roadworthy construction and awe-inspiring tone.

The unique Naylor tone is fat, raw, and rich in harmonics, while at the same time clear and well defined - you can hear every note.  The low-end growls but never becomes mushy.  The mid-range has a throaty, singing quality, and the treble is percussive yet musical.  The clean settings are articulate, clear, and warm with just enough twang and breakup to capture that elusive vintage feel.  Push up the gain for raw, bluesy overdrive with authority - like a vintage amp on steroids!  Full-tilt gain produces thick, 'brown' distortion - chords ring with definition - sustained notes swell into controllable feedback.

You have heard these amps for years and may not have even known it, we're on the radio every day in hit after hit because the Naylor has been and still is the secret weapon of the top producers in the recording field today. Naylor has been building amps long long before all of the other amp builders around today in-fact Naylor Engineering was building amps before the "BOUTIQUE" amp market got "BOUTIQUE".

Thank You
David E King
Naylor Engineering

Nice Amps

After college I was in and out of the Defense industry as either a technician or an engineer for approximately 18 years.  During that time a lifelong friend and I built a concert sized sound reinforcement system and did shows from Dothan, Alabama to Miami, Florida.   In 1982 I moved to Nashville to try to get work in the studios, but ended up building recording studios with a building contractor for a recording studio designer.  When not working I spent lots of time interning at a couple of  Nashville studios.  I have repaired guitar amps forever and recently built a prototype design that is well liked and I thought I might try to build some to bring to the Nashville show. 

The original Nice amp was built from a schematic of Tommy Hatcher’s modded Marshalls with EL84 outputs.  This amp is about 20 watts and was used on two cuts on the last Rick Derringer CD.  (A 55lb 2x12 neodymium slant cabinet that I designed was used throughout the recording.  This guitar cab was made to be lightweight and reproduce the character of the amp driving it.)  A couple of gigging musicians wanted more clean headroom so I redesigned the output and power supply.  The redesign will accept various octal tube types from 6V6 to KT88.  The only stipulation is that if pin1 is present on the tube, it cannot be internally connected to pin 8.   Every tube change will not only change tone, but can change the character of the amp.  6V6 tubes are chime’y, 6CA7’s have a wonderful texture on overdrive, and KT77’s have a little pleasant mid-range honk, KT88’s change the damping factor.  I have noticed that every speaker cab I’ve plugged into with this amp radically changes the sound, a useful property for recording different sounding tracks or developing your personal sonic signature.  So by changing cabinets or output tubes a single amp can change your entire sonic presentation.

Nolatone Ampworks

At Nolatone Ampworks we hand build our amplifiers one at a time using ultimate care and attention to detail to create an instrument that will last a lifetime and deliver tone and feel that will allow you to express yourself in ways you may never have thought possible!

We do this by using only the highest quality parts, well though out circuit layouts, and impeccable build quality.

On the Fringe Studios

We are a dedicated, full service, “stand-alone”, 3,000 sq/ft, private facility 30 miles north of Boston servicing the needs and desires of The North Shores recording artist since 2003.  Our facility incorporates:


  • A dedicated Pro-Tools/Analog recording facility
  • Custom guitars, amps, and pedals fabrication department designed by studio professionals for the performing/recording artist
  • An In-house custom machine shop/fab shop
  • An in-house tech shop
  • Outstanding design and engineering staff
  • Dedicated guitar audition room
  • One on one attention in an intimate recording environment

P3 Amplifiers

 P3 Amplifiers manufactures hand wired tube amplifiers and speaker enclosures. The company was established in 2010 in Nashville, TN.

Paul Cochrane Audio

Tim & Timmy pedals.


Peter MalinoskiArt Guitars

 Peter Malinoski builds finely crafted hardwood solid body electric guitars and basses of his own unique design, which also feature his own hand-made electronics. He uses traditional and non-traditional guitar making techniques to create fully functional instruments that emphasize sculptural qualities of shape and form that blend with the best sonic qualities of guitar electronics.

Peter MalinoskiArt Guitars look, play and sound unlike any others; they are both beautiful objects and exquisite tools for musicians.

ProStageGear / Pedaltrain

In 1999 the J. Chandler Company introduced the Pedaltrain brand of guitar effects pedalboards. This award winning product line has become widely recognized as the industry standard in affordable pedalboard systems; combining innovative patented designs and tour proven durability. In 2005 Pro Stage Gear LLC was formed, building on a six year foundation of quality, service and value.

Quidley Amps

 Several years ago a renaissance of the all-tube sounds began with the rediscovery of the circa 1966 Marshall© 18 watt "practice" amplifiers. Now, many boutique amp manufacturers are moving into the 15 to 25 watt market and developing amps that can reproduce the sounds of large overpowered and way-too-loud amps at usable volume levels. The Quidley Guitar Amplifier is the ultimate example of this revolution in tube amplifiers. It has a thickness and breadth that makes it truly unique. The amp is designed to provide harmonically rich, brilliantly clean tones when cleaned up, and thick, grinding overdrive when leaned on, and everything in between.

The Quidley Guitar Amplifier is a hand made, point-to-point wired, all tube amplifier capable of up to 22 watts of output power. It consists of a single channel preamp with selectable gain changes at three locations within the circuit and has the ability to operate in open-loop or in negative feedback modes. Two of the three gain changes are selectable with the included footswitch or front panel switch and the third is selectable via the high/low gain input jacks. Other unique features include active 4 band EQ, bypassable master volume, and parallel type effects loop. The preamp is coupled to a push-pull dual EL84 driven power section. The 22 watt output is designed to provide a perfect stage level mix at the full master setting for most live performance environments. A Pentode/Triode switch allows the amp output power to be reduced to 8 watts when lower output is desired. Many guitarists are using the lower power selection in live performances in small to medium venues and it's perfect for the living room as well. The guitarist can get the very best achievable tube distortion sounds without the use of distortion pedals (although pedals can still be used if desired) and still clean up the amp by backing the guitar output down. Guitarists quickly adjust to the capability of having instant control of "tube burn" at their fingertips. Available in 1-12 combos or head and cabinet models. Prepare to be totally impressed by the Quidley 22's capabilities. The timbre and versatility of this amp will quite simply BLOW YOU AWAY!

Reason Amps

Reason Amplifier Company was born from two men and one vision - the desire to evolve the art of guitar tone with the next great tube circuit. realizing that the market was stacked with hoards of great sounding (but very similar) amps, they both shared the notion that if they were going to introduce a new amp, they had to have a "Reason" to do so. Out of this thought an amp, and aptly named amp company, was born.

Redentore Guitars

Meticulously constructed, flawlessly finished, and painstakingly set up, Redentore archtop guitars are destined to be classic works of art—both aesthetically and musically.
These instruments are hand built by one man (luthier Mark Piper — nearly 30 years experience) in his own shop in limited numbers. One set of hands and one set of eyes from start to finish. The result is a very beautiful, very playable, rich and even-sounding guitar of exceptional quality. If you have an eye for beauty and an ear for the same, look no farther than Redentore Guitars.

Red Iron Amps

Red Iron Amps burst on the scene at the NY Amp Show '08 with their T-Rex amp. With Texas Mesquite as their motif, they are quickly set apart from the vast Tolex landscape. Another departure is their use of octal preamp tubes, which are becoming the tube of the day. RIA has been using them for quite a few years now. As well as the "other white meat", the 6SJ7. They lend a character and depth that 9-pins wish they could. Recently, RIA landed an Editor's Pick award from the prestigious Guitar Player magazine (Aug '10) for the Buffer2, a tube-warmer/buffered output device for ANY preamp emulator. It also works overtime as a tube/line amp to warm up your tracks before the hard drive. We'll soon be introducing it to keyboard and steel players as well. Come see us! First time in Nashville!

Reinhardt Amplification

I know how important good tone is to creating great music, and that is the number one goal here....
To make that tone in your head come to life.

Retro-King Amplification

Retroking Amps builds guitar amplification one at a time to custom order, including cosmetics, mods, speaker and tube selection. Chuck Dean will work with you on your amp needs and help you get that tone your after no matter how sutle.

Rockett Pedals USA

Rockett Pedals was founded by two guys that have been friends for over 30 years.  Both Jay and Chris have also been players for over 30 years as well.  
The company motto is to create products that belong in a professional rig.  Rockett Pedals itself  is a creation of the needs of players.  All Rockett products are designed for a specific use and are not treated as effects but rather tools to enhance a player’s inherent tone.
Quality products and customer service are a priority, we enjoy talking tone and receiving input from the guitar playing community.  Who knows what is around the corner but we are always looking to create something that is relevant for players.

RS Custom Guitars

 Saint Blues

St. Blues Guitars was born in the heart of the Delta, where country tangled with the blues and spawned the true birthplace of Rock & Roll, Memphis.  On the street now called Elvis Presley Boulevard, across the way from Graceland, Mike Ladd and Tom Keckler were doing something magical with guitars at Mike Ladd’s Guitar City.  Seems whenever these boys laid hands on someone’s guitar, it just played a whole lot better.  Hell, they even customized one for the King ordered by his father.  You can see him play it in “Aloha From Hawaii”.  

After Mike Ladd’s Guitar City, Keckler worked as the guitar guru at the legendary Strings and Things music store, where his skills and legend continued to grow.  Here is where the “Bluesmaster” body was first designed, built from a telecaster esquire that Keckler was looking to modify.

In 1989, St. Blues took a break, but like Memphis itself, you just got to come back to a good thing.  Players and dealers alike wouldn’t let it go, so in 2005 St. Blues was reborn with Keckler behind the design and quality control. Whether it’s a Pro Series model built overseas or a Workshop guitar built here in the USA,  every St. Blues guitar is finished and set up right here in Memphis and will always have its roots in this hallowed ground.


Sam Timberlake grew up surrounded by both music and electronics. He began playing music at age six and later, while learning to play guitar, started searching for guitar tone. He discovered tube amplifiers and wanted to know why they worked so well with the electric guitar. He spent countless hours pouring over schematics and vacuum tube reference manuals. He soon began "fixing up" old tube guitar amps.

 While attending Auburn University (`81-`88), Sam split his time between working on his physics /mathematics degree, playing in bands, and working as guitar and amp tech at The Guitar Shoppe (`84-`88).

After receiving his degree, Sam (now known as Amp Sam) relocated to Birmingham and started repairing amps for several local guitar stores. His customer base soon grew to include players from all over the southeast. In October 2004, Sam developed his V.A.C. circuit and applied for a patent. He built a prototype amplifier and, when it was so well received, started building the VAC 45 combo. He is constantly developing new models.

Satellite Amps

Satellite Amplifiers has been building custom, one-of-a-kind amps for over 6 years.

We build all of our amplifiers by hand, with quality care.

We believe in the purity of tone from an all tube amplifier.

We do not believe in hiding behind cheap circuitry.

Satellite amplifiers are made with quality components. All of our amplifiers are designed to be used with currently manufactured tubes, or NOS vintage tubes. We use only the best quality parts that we can find. Since we are a small company, we can keep our overhead down, to provide a low cost to our customers.

We love our amplifiers, and we hope you will too.

Shaw Audio

Shaw Audio is a custom tube amp service based in the Nashville, TN area. We specialize in hand built vacuum tube guitar amps as well as offering repair services for other makes of tube amps. Our amps are built entirely by hand, one at a time, using some of the best available new and vintage components. We work closely with players based in the Nashville area, and others via the internet, helping them achieve their own personal tone.


At Sommatone Amplification we focus on tone with an unrelenting passion for detail. We've created our line of hand-wired boutique amplifiers for the player who wants the ultimate sound experience – our tone and build quality are unparalleled. Hear The Difference...

Soloway Guitars

 Since 2003, Soloway Guitars has been building unique instruments that feature unusual tonal clarity and player comfort.  For many years we focused all of our efforts on "The Swan": a guitar with a 27" scale length tuned to standard pitch.  In 2009, we released "The Gosling", our first guitar with a 25.5" scale length.  The objective was to maintain as much of the clarity and sparkle of the Swan as possible but add some familiarity to the design.

After exclusively using a semi-hollow design, 2009 also saw the addition of a full hollow body in both the Swan and Gosling models.  Both the Swan and Gosling are unique designs both tonally and visually.  We have no interest in recreating or refining historic guitars but rather are creating a history of our own.

Stage Craft Gear

For over 5 years, Anthony Bonadio and a group of dedicated craftsmen have been making quality cabinets, for high end boutique amp companies. His Our customers include:
Reason Amplifier Company
GDS Amps,/Guytron
Gabriel Sound Garage
Brown Note Amplification
Category 5 Amplification
The mission of Stage Craft is to deliver unmatched selection and customizability without charging “Custom” prices or lengthy “Custom” lead times. The Stage Craft line of products reflects years of experience and commitment to quality.  Stage Craft has built thousands cabinets for guitar players around the world and have learned  what works and what doesn’t.  Designs are proven, reliable and will give you many years of enjoyment and great tone!

Stratage Guitars

Stratagé Guitars robustly blends the traditional, contemporary and the cutting edge into each electric guitar and bass we manufacture.

Stratagé guitars and basses afford the player performer the very best in class feature sets, They are ergonomically friendly; intuitive to play and perform on. 

Deliver a profound improvement in sonic performance, affording incredible natural sustain, Afford the player/performer with nothing short of remarkable tonal versatility and enhanced natural resonance, All of this and more wrapped in a handsome hand crafted electric guitar or bass that you will never grow tired of playing or performing with, 

4 Model Series to choose from and all equipped with the Great American Sounds Co Active Pickup System, Model 1(GASCAPS). 

No plastic parts, even the control knobs are die cast metal, graphite nuts and stainless steel saddles, graphite saddles available, Everything you need is included, Instrument with embedded electronics, control unit, required cables and hard-shell case, 

Easily compares to and exceeds the sonic quality, versatility and cost performance ratio of instruments costing many times the price, Designed for the professional, studio session player and serious artist. 

Our every working day is an endeared endeavor to create instruments that afford the serious guitarist and professional with a uniquely pleasing, remarkably versatile and profoundly improved timbral playing experience. All of us at Stratagé share a mind set in kind with regard to the satisfaction we feel each and every time we complete a hand crafted custom electric guitar or bass that you should be the owner of. Each of our instruments is built by a dedicated team that stays with the instrument from day one of entering the manufacturing process through completion and then final inspection before it is shipped to the customer. You will find their names proudly displayed on the COA included with every hand crafted Stratagé electric guitar or bass. 

Our mission; blend the traditional disciplines of electric guitar making with available and emerging technologies to ultimately provide the best in class electric guitars and basses on the planet. It is to this end we strive.

Swamp Works Amplifiers

 Swamp Works Amplifiers is a custom amp shop based out of Madison, AL.  The company was started by Scott Johnson and Mike Morgan in 2007 with the goal of redefining the word "custom" as it applies to guitar amplifiers.  Each amp built by Swamp Works is built from the ground up for each of our customers.  This customization includes everything from circuit design, and speakers to custom cabinet, and logo design.  Each amp is a custom work of art in both look and tone.  The options in look and tone that are available from Swamp Works is limited only by your imagination!


In 1972 I decided to become an electric engineer and set upon my journey to take rock amplification to that next level. If you are serious about sound and your music, you must try one of of my amps.

-More clarity
-Rich harmonics
-Deeper bass
-Extended highs
-Astonishing articulation (that improved my playing noticeably)

Many musicians are not tone detail oriented and are still awesome players, however, if you crave detail and response and love to be inspired by your guitar amp then CHECK ONE OUT!

The Tomaszewicz amps sustain control provides dynamic control with a bit of overdrive that results in a polished studio mastered type of response previously heard on well produced recordings. The sustain control provides well defined attack and enhances the harmonic expression in your fingertips.  

Tonic Amps / Fane

Tonic amps are a combination of magical tone from master inspirations and top quality components and building techniques to provide years of playing. Tonic has designed three amps to inspire your guitar playing, and capture audiences. The Vapour, Absinthe, and D'Art are built and tested to preform in a gig setting or provide options for the recording studio. These three versatile amps will take you from the clean to mean and will compliment any guitar. With the guitarist in mind we have also provided options such as the Hall electronics Variable Voltage Regulator, and the Harmonics Push pull to Single end control. For those looking for a signature sound we can also add in custom new old stock components and tubes to fine tune the tonal pallette.

Tonic is also the sole North American distributer of Fane guitar speakers.
These speakers are a wonderful compliment to the Tonic amps and allow them to achieve the sound in which they were designed. Speakers will also be available for individual sale for those looking to upgrade their current amplifier.

Tubewonder Amps

Ever greater numbers of guitarists work hard on creating their own tone palette to expand their range of musical expression. They do not limit themselves to any particular tone template but look for an amplifier that will be as flexible in tone shaping capability as they are in musical expressiveness. The TUBEWONDER was created with all these musicians in mind , including You.

TUBEWONDER is a result of work of passion. I hope You will be as passionate playing it as I was designing it.

Tungsten Amplification

 Tungsten Amplification specializes in building handwired amplifiers based on, and inspired by, the greatest American designs of the 1950's.  Top quality components and meticulous craftsmanship come together to provide amps with sound, feel and touch sensitivity at an affordable price.

Valvetech Amps

Valvetech makes 2 basic amps, the Hayseed amp, in 15 and 30 watt models. This "British Invation" amp is a great alternative to to mass produced models for about the same price. You can get it with tremelo, EF 86 or reverb and FX loop.

The VAC model 59 is a dual personality amp, Chaneel 1 is a great old tweed style channel, channel 2 is a great classic rock to metal channel with footswitchable gain boost. It too can have reverb,loop or tremelo added.

Visual Sound

Started at the end of 1994 by guitarist, Bob Weil, Visual Sound has grown into a renowned brand among musicians both for their Effects pedals and 1 SPOT power supplies.   Beginning with the Visual Volume pedal, (the first and only volume pedal to have a 0-10 scale in the form of 10 LED's), Visual Sound gradually added pedals to their line, including the now famous Jekyll & Hyde, Route 66, and H2O pedals.  The offerings were greatly expanded in 2008 and 2009 with the V2 Series of pedals which featured new improved versions of their classic pedals, along with several new models like the Angry Fuzz, Open Road, and Truetone pedals.  In 2010, Visual Sound will be launching a new low-cost/high-quality line of effects called GarageTone.  With hundreds of well-known artists already using Visual Sound pedals and power supplies, and the company's hands-on approach to customer service, the question we continue to be asked & ask of ourselves is, "What's next…?”


VVT Amps is a high end amp maker specializing in high quality tube amplifiers for guitarists. Our goal at VVT is to provide the highest level of quality, value and uncompromised tone.

The company was founded by Jim Hill. In the 60's and early 70's Jim was a gigging guitarist in Georgia who learned about tube amps through tech school and went on to radio and television repair in a time when most everything in the world was running on vacuum tubes. Fast forward to 2001. Jim starts Vintage Vacuum Tubes, aka VVT Amps making mostly Fender clones such as the 5E3 Deluxe, Bassman, Vibroverb, including a few of his own 6V6 based designs, two of which were later dubbed the Earthquake 2.2 and 4.5, as well as doing amp repairs and modifications..

At a swap meet in 2003, Jim meets Tony Albany. Tony is an accomplished guitarist, seasoned veteran of the Washington, DC music scene, amp enthusiast, and all around tone freak. In short order, Tony is on board with VVT and brings with him an ear for tone that is truly exceptional. Together Tony and Jim start researching, prototyping, and testing numerous designs. Early on they form a relationship with Rick Derringer who falls in love with and begins using the 6V6 models. Eventually the Derringer Hyperdrive signature model is released. In 2006, VTT is approached by Lindy Fralin to design what Lindy feels would be the perfect combo amp. Using Lindy's specific requirements, Tony and Jim design and create the Lindy Fralin Combo which received rave reviews in the guitar publications and was embraced by the guitar community.

Today VVT Amps produces several models of amps covering the needs of of diverse guitar styles and sounds. VVT enjoys it's working relationships with many high profile professional musicians and strives to do one thing. Create uncompromising tone that you can hear and feel down to your bones.

Wallace Amplification

 Wallace Amplification is the innovation of Brian Wallace out of Livonia Michigan. With a family history of electronics Brian began modifying amps in the early 70’s. in 1995, he was approached by Guytron and asked to help while they began launching their company. This experience propelled Brian as he embarked on his own series of amplifiers, similar to the JTM45, 50W and 100 watt models.

Recently, Wallace Amplification introduced the Abaddon, a 50 watt master volume head consisting of four gain stages in the preamp. From top to bottom the design and layouts prove to be a step in the right direction as Wallace Amplification breaks away from the pack and introduces power to the music world in original designs and layouts, not to mention SOUND! Wallace Amplification is “The power of yesterday, and the strength of tomorrow.”

Wampler Pedals

Wampler Pedals is a boutique effect pedal company. Every pedal is hand built here in the USA. It was founded by Brian Wampler, a guitarist who was determined to design and build the best sounding effects in the world that would give guitarists inspiration to create.

Warehouse Guitar Speakers

Warehouse Guitar Speakers® LLC is an Internet-based retail speaker supplier and manufacturer based in Paducah, KY - an area of the country with a long history in speaker manufacturing that includes the original CTS company, Credence Speakers, Voice Communication Coil, and Hawley Products - the oldest cone manufacturer in the world. When an OEM speaker manufacturer needed to clear warehouse space in 2006, WGS was born and began manufacturing and selling American-assembled guitar speakers to the public.

Today we build a wide range of high-quality and reasonably priced 10 and 12-inch Alnico and Ceramic magnet guitars speakers that celebrate and reprise the golden era of speaker manufacturing in the USA and England during the '60s and '70s, including the 15 watt Alnico Black & Blue™, 50 watt Alnico BlackHawk™,60 watt Veteran 30™, 25 watt Green Beret™, 80 watt British Lead™, 65 watt ET65™, 30 watt Reaper™, and 75 watt Retro 30™, among others. WGS also builds high-power bass and PA speakers, and we are constantly developing and adding new speaker models to meet the demands of today's guitarists.

What's That Dude Play

What’s That Dude Play? is the brain child of my wife, Holly Wright. Sitting quietly one humid night in Houston, Texas, surfing the internet on her iMac, she searched futilely for a recent photo of the pedal board of one of her favorite guitar players. A bit of Googling revealed scraps of info scattered across the vastness of the world wide web, but a lot of it well-hidden deep inside random forum threads and none of it more recent than a year ago. Disheartened by her search, she turned to her guitar-playing husband Blake (that’s me!) and said ‘We should do something about this.” And so… we have.

What’s That Dude Play? is a true green field project being built from the ground up. That will likely mean slow growth at first, but our intention is to bring the best and freshest information possible to our readers. To insure that, we’re going to go about this organically and will be looking to get most of our information first hand. That means we’ll be sending a lot of e-mails and going to a lot of shows trying to get bands to participate in the site. Early response has been very encouraging. It would seem that along with fans, a lot of guitar players are also interest in what gear their peers are using to define their tone.

The site will contain industry news, features and interviews, but our bread-and-butter will be the rig repository, where we will house a photo archive of the pedal boards of popular guitarists from all musical genres.

When not running the site, Holly is the office manager of an oilfield supply company and a ringer at Wii Sports Bowling. When not losing to his wife at Wii Sports Bowling, Blake is a journalist for an international energy newspaper.

Wizard Amplification

WIZARD is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high-end tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets.

All Wizard products are built in Canada by Wizard Amplification Inc. with construction consisting of military type turret boards, true point to point soldering, premium capacitors and metal film resistors for stability and tolerance.

XAct Tone Solutions

XAct Tone Solutions LLC (XTS) is a company that has been created to develop products and services designed to assist customers in achieving the absolute best tones available.  The XTS product lines and services deliver professional performance, extraordinary quality, and outstanding value.  The XTS Custom Pedal line is dedicated to delivering the very best custom guitar pedals available today.  All XTS pedals are designed to work with the musicians guitars and amps to craft the ultimate in tonal colors.  XAct Tone Solutions is dedicated to building the highest quality gear that is well-designed, sturdy, and that allow the artist to concentrate on their performance and not their equipment.

XITS Sound

 I have been trying to decide what it is I should say "about" XITS.  This is a hard task and how is one to communicate in words something that helps other artists express themselves through sound?  Today I will start with the basics, the why.
When I was five years of age I was introduced to the sound and images that for the most part would define who I was and am today.  These sounds and images were the Beatles.  Pure magic!  As I like to say I was abducted by the Beatles and saved by the Small Faces and the Who (The Who Sings My Generation).  The truth being I was truly saved by Paul Weller.  Yes the Small Faces and the early Who had a huge impact on me but it was Mr. Weller that helped me truly understand who I am.  What does this have to do with tube amps?  Well, VOX AC30's, Mod, Raw Passion, Truth...  The list could go on and on.  When I saw and heard my first Vox AC30 it forever changed my life.  When I opened a Guitar Player in early 1992 and read about Matchless I truly knew what my calling in life was.